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"I am Arthur. King of the seven seas. Ruler of the vast ocean empire of Atlantis."

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Dick Grayson Not Dying; Gets New Comic in July


For months readers have worried that Dick Grayson might be the latest Robin to die in comics. The signs were certainly there. He was tortured and had his identity revealed in Forever Evil. And then they cancelled his comic, Nightwing. 

But rest assure Dick lovers, Mr. Grayson is staying in comics


According to USA Today, he is getting a new job - spy with the CIA like organization Spyral  and a new costume:

At the very least, he is getting a wardrobe makeover, courtesy of Grayson artist Mikel Janin: Gone is Grayson’s mask, and his new outfit reflects the blue-and-black color scheme of his Nightwing togs and features a “G” on his chest, reminiscent of the old “R” from his Robin days.

Tim Seeley and Tom King are joining Janin on the book.

Are you excited?

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comics meme | five female characters (1/5): helena wayne

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sᴜʙᴍɪᴛ ʜᴇʀᴇ!
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sᴜʙᴍɪᴛ ʜᴇʀᴇ!
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“The scene with Black Widow yelling to people to get out of the way as Winter Soldier follows her through the streets really made me think that. I know everyone complained about the loss of life in Man of Steel and here was the non-superpowered Natasha actively trying to get people out of the way of the big bad. The audience expects that of Captain America but even the most morally dubious good guy is more thoughtful than Superman was in MOS”

— From ONTD. I think this speaks volumes about how I feel about the DCU at the moment.  (via 1critic)

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life has been rough without young justice

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She’s like Thor

Oh my god the whole time I was thinking of it in her voice xD

oh god i can hear them both oh heavens

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Dark Vengeance! from CJ Williams

For Misfit Day!

I seriously can’t get over all this amazing Misfit art for National Misfit Day.


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I feel like these two panels pretty much sum up the Damian/Bruce relationship. Dami wonders if he will ever be able to fill his father’s shoes, but we only catch glimpses of his insecurities when he thinks Bruce and Alfred aren’t looking.

I can only see this.